Welcome to Potato Break

In 2014, Potato Break, the first fast food restaurant chain originated from Myanmar was born. Being a local start up, it felt right for Potato Break’s flagship store to be established in the heart of Yangon in Myanmar Culture Valley, People’s Park. The idea behind Potato Break started with the concept of selling good food to friends and family who congregated in People’s Park, while providing a welcoming environment for their relaxation at the same time. Potato Break serves up the most delectable fries accompanied with a mouthwatering array of sauces. Other food menu items include chicken bites, nuggets and wings as well as mashed potatoes and hot dogs.

Although Potato Break’s food menu is extensive, it doesn’t mean we skimp on the drinks or desserts! Potato Break offers different flavors of soft serve ice cream as well as a variety of tropical sodas and our specially brewed coffee is also a crowd favorite. The success of our first outlet is obvious to the Burmese community, with snaking queues being a common sight. This has led to 2 more outlets opening at Ocean Tamwe and Boyar Nyunt in 2015.

The tradition of potato farming has been deeply embedded in the lives of those who reside in Idaho, U.S.A for years. Potatoes are Idaho’s signature crops. Potato harvest meant spending time together as families and friends. Students help out local potato spud farmers every fall break from schools, contributing to the yearly harvest that embodies the Idaho spirit. Since then, it has become a long-standing tradition - “Potato Break.”

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